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Intuitive Energy Diagnosis


What is intuitive energy diagnosis? Maxine practices the Stillpoint Method for evaluating emotional energy. An energy reading will help you see areas in your life where you can access your greatest strengths. It helps you learn the tools to use to empower yourself to heal on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental  areas of your life.


An Energy Reading - will help you identify areas of stuck energy and move  along in your life's journey.  Maxine uses gentle, supportive coaching tools and techniques that will guide you to discover your inner power and divine nature.


Intuitive Energy Diagnosis reads the state of comfort in which our energy is lodged from past emotional belief patterns and shows us how we can move this energy into more positive, creative expressions of ourselves.  In short, it helps us recognize our choices and provides us with options to move into a place of healthy empowerment...


How Can I help you? As a Certified Intuitive Healer I will access, read and interpret your life force energy remotely as it flows through and within your seven major energy centers, or chakras. It is as though I am having a conversation with your energy field and listening to the stories each chakra has to tell. From my assessment you will be able to understand which feelings, beliefs and attitudes have had both positive and negative influences on your body's organs and systems and on your process of healing.


I can help you become aware of how to restore a healthy relationship among your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. By working together either in person or over the phone, I can help you reacquaint yourself with your inner spiritual environment.


During our session,  I offer specific healing practices and exercises to help you move toward a clearer inner space so that healing on all levels can begin, or continue in earnest.


In our time together, we focus on what is out of balance and what constitutes your true balance so you can make the necessary inner and lifestyle adjustments to regain and strengthen your total health and well being. 



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